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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why You Should Choose KMG Gold Buyers and KMG Gold Recycling

 "...I checked 10 different places to sell my gold and you were in fact the highest payout. I received my payout before other companies even sent their shipping package...! Jae Hallett"

• KMG•GOLD Recycling is Canada's newest and most dedicated full service refinery and gold buyer.

• 100% Canadian family owned and operated. We don't have the huge advertising budget that the other guys do.

• We offer the most comprehensive recycling services of any refinery and gold buyer.

• We offer excellent communication and customer support. Every single transaction is fully transparent and open.

• We offer custom settlement options tailored to suit all of your needs, whether you're an individual selling small lots of gold or our largest refining lot customers.

• We have the highest gold buyer pay out rates in North America!

• All of our sell gold prices for cash lots and refining lots change everyday with the market price of precious metals and the Canadian dollar. We don't hide behind a substandard rate.

• We proudly advertise our high gold buyer pay out rates for our customers, so you can shop and compare. Do your homework and research, and you will find the highest rates here!

• See all of our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium pay out rates HERE.

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