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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold Can't Be Held Down For Long

Gold Can't Be Held Down For Long

This has been a summer of more downs than ups in the investment markets but it could finally be coming to an end. We always maintained the opinion that a strong fall is upon us and we are still sticking to that prediction.

Instead of the normal, boring summer doldrums where many small-cap stocks lose 5-10% of their value due to a lack of liquidity, we had a very real, harsh summer correction across all major exchanges. $8 trillion was erased from the global equity markets in August. Even gold, the bright spot of the summer, reminded us this week that every dog has its day. The correction in gold was healthy and necessary for its continued run.

We watched gold's pullback this week as positive, only adding to our belief that gold is far from a bubble. Now, before you write us off as just another group of maniac gold-bugs, keep reading.

If you take the time to really analyze global asset allocation in 2011 compared to what it was a few decades ago, you’ll find that the gold sector is underinvested in and that less than 1% of global assets are situated in gold. How can anyone say that gold is a bubble about to burst given that statistic alone?
To add even more depth on this topic, I found one of the best explanations of why gold is not in a bubble. If you are invested in gold bullion, producing gold companies, or juniors with proven or soon to be proven gold resources - this is a must read!

The below excerpt is taken from the article, "Debunking the Gold Bubble Myth," and was authored by Eric Sprott and Andrew Morris in March of 2011.

"In their Gold Yearbook 2010, CPM Group noted that in 1968, gold held by individuals for investment purposes represented approximately 5% of global financial assets. By 1980 that amount had fallen to roughly 3%. By 1990 it had dropped significantly to 0.6%, and by the year 2000 represented a mere 0.2% of global assets. By the end of 2009, nine years into the gold bull market that began in 2000, they estimate that gold had increased to represent a mere 0.6% of global financial assets - hardly much of an increase. Gold ownership didn't change much last year either, as we estimate that this percentage increased to 0.7% of global financial assets in 2010. So despite gold reaching record nominal highs, the world holds about the same portion of its wealth in gold as it did over two decades ago. While this probably says more about the proliferation of financial assets over the past decade than it does about gold investment, it is surprising to note how trivial gold ownership is when compared to the size of global financial assets.

The increase in gold ownership from 0.2% in 2000 to 0.7% in 2010 is also misleading. If you consider the approximate $227 billion that was invested in gold bullion in 2000, that level of investment would have grown to $1.18 trillion, or 0.6% of financial assets, by the end of 2010 - based purely on gold appreciation alone.

In other words, the actual amount of new investment into gold since 2000 represents only 0.1% of current global financial assets, or about $250 billion. Although this number may seem large, consider that roughly $98 trillion of new capital flowed into global financial assets over the same period, so gold's approximate 0.3% share of global investment flows is essentially trivial.

The 0.7% ownership data point also has interesting implications for global gold ownership going forward. Consider that to return to a meaningful level of gold investment, say to the 5% level of 1968, it would require over $9 trillion of gold investment today, or about 6.5 billion ounces of gold at the current gold price. This would represent well over 1.3 times the amount of gold ever produced throughout history and four times the amount of known gold reserves. So not only is the public relatively underinvested in gold, but at current prices it isn't even possible to increase our gold holdings back to a meaningful level."
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold Prices Stall as Stocks Bounce

Gold Prices Stall as Stocks Bounce

Gold prices were cautious Wednesday as hopes for further government intervention to boost the economy pushed investors into stocks and fears of a double-dip recession faded.

Gold for December delivery was adding 80 cents at $1,830.60 an ounce at the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The gold price has traded as high as $1,839.80 and as low as $1,822.30 while the spot gold price was down $7.90, according to Kitco's gold index.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold dips, but supported by Fed outlook

Gold dips, but supported by Fed outlook

Gold fell on Wednesday after a near 3% rally the day before sparked by Federal Reserve comments on possible measures to boost U.S. growth, and the bullion price is still set for its biggest monthly gain in nearly two years.

Minutes from the Fed’s policy meeting on Aug. 9 released Tuesday showed the central bank discussed a range of unusual tools it could use to help the economy and more quantitative easing remains an option.

The Fed has thus far given no explicit signal that it will embark on a third round of purchases of government bonds to keep market interest rates low — a measure known as quantitative easing — meaning markets are increasingly jittery and prone to wild swings in response to measures such as economic data.

Spot gold was last down 0.6% on the day at US$1,825.19 an ounce at 1145 GMT, having risen by over 2.6% the day before to a high of US$1,839.40.

So far in August, the price has risen by 12.2 percent, the largest monthly rise since a 12.8% gain in November 2009, compared with a 6.1% loss in the S&P 500.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Investments: Why Buy Gold?

Investments: Why Buy Gold?

It impacts on the population’s budget significantly as most Georgian citizen's deposits are kept either in USD or EUR accounts in Georgia.

The Euro and U.S dollar rates have been continuously varying since 2010. Therefore, the people with Georgian accounts are in a precarious situation. They cannot confidently decide which currency is reliable, which currency is beneficial for saving money and which currency will not reduce its value.

In such a situation economic experts' advice is to invest in shares of gold. “The price of gold is increasing in relation to the dollar, the Euro and Gel. Therefore, investing in gold is the only way to ensure the safety of your money and to potentially increase it,” said Paata Sheshelidze, the economic expert. “Gold is a natural metal and its availability is limited and the production of certain currencies depends on political decisions. Therefore, gold is much more stable and reliable than the US dollar, Euro or Gel,” he added.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Australia’s gold production jumps 10% on record prices

Australia’s gold production jumps 10% on record prices

PERTH ( ? Australia’s gold production increased 10% year-on-year in the 2011 financial year, as new operations came into production and old mines were reopened on the back of soaring bullion prices, Surbiton Associates director Dr Sandra Close reported.

In its latest quarterly production figures, Surbiton sated that Australian gold production for the three months to June had increased by 5% to 68 t, or 2.1-million ounces, compared with the 65 t produced in the previous quarter.
Gold output for the full year totalled 270 t, an increase of 24 t on the previous financial year.

“There’s a lot of activity in the gold sector, with several operations slated to come on stream in the next 12 months and several others still in the feasibility study stage,” said Close.
She noted that some of the gold deposits that were previously mined in the earlier years of the current gold boom, which has now been in progress for 30 years, have become attractive targets.

“The recent spike in the gold price has certainly drawn attention to the industry but it is the sustained, longer-term, upward trend in the gold price that has prompted companies to re-evaluate older deposits and also explore for new ones.”
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Jewellers offer monthly plans as sales fall on high gold prices

Jewellers offer monthly plans as sales fall on high gold prices

MUMBAI: Keen to prop up faltering sales, India's leading jewellery retailers are offering schemes that encourage customers to invest their savings in gold through regular small purchases and get protection from price volatility. Gold has risen $400/ounce between July and August and more than 30% over last year, depressing jewellery demand.

Gold demand typically shoots up in September, with the onset of the festive season, and peaks in spring during the wedding season. However, this year urban consumers are preferring coins and bars for investment over jewellery. In rural India, where almost three quarters of the bullion is sold, demand is likely to remain depressed as net returns from farming drop and cost of living rises.

Three-year-old chain Reliance Jewels, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Retail, plans to launch a scheme in October that will allow a consumer to invest any amount daily for a year and then buy gold at the rate prevailing on maturity. A consumer can also opt to buy fractional quantities of gold everyday for a year under the scheme and can get jewellery equivalent to grammage accumulated over time upon the scheme's maturity. His purchase thus becomes independent of gold price fluctuations.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Investing In Precious Metals

Investments in precious metals have historically been used as hedge against uncertain economic situations. People have taken to investing in Gold and Silver as a way to store value during inflation. When physical currencies are losing their value in uncertain times, investors rush to gold to store the value of their money in Gold’s intrinsic value.

Precious metal investing was more pronounced when national currencies were still pegged against gold. Today though, national currency values are not tied to gold as such. On the contrary, national currencies are nowadays more backed by a nation’s gross domestic product.

Suffice to say, there are other numerous reasons for which people invest in precious metals. Estimates indicate that over the last few years, the demand for silver, gold, palladium and platinum has increased considerably. Demand has almost outstripped supply.

In addition, the market price of the precious metals has been maintained at a nominal rate due to the disposal of gold reserves by national central banks. Increased investments in precious metals have also been witnessed from rich investors from the developing world, such as China.

These investors from developing states are keen on storing away their personal wealth. Analysts portend that the current demand for precious metal may not wither. It may take a recession to slow down demand for gold and other precious metals.

Investors have always considered precious metals as reliable depositories of absolute value—as opposed to the relative value of paper currency.

How to Invest in Precious Metals

Most people think of investing in precious metals as buying bullion, namely bars and wafers, coins etc. Whereas most investors prefer to invest in bullion, there are other diverse options available. Precious metal investments can be undertaken through vehicles such as jewellery, mutual funds, coins, bullion, futures, options or mining stocks.

The one merit with investing in precious metals lies in the liquidity of the investment. Precious metal investment options have great liquidity and can be bought and sold at will, anytime. Note however, than unlike silver and gold, palladium and platinum are less liquid. But regardless, they all can be bought and sold at anytime.

Portfolio Diversification

Most investors allot a percentage of their investment portfolios to precious metal investments. But like other investments, silver and gold fluctuate in prices depending on a varied number of factors. Gold and silver prices can change drastically! Generally though, investors rush to precious metal investments when the economic situation seems untenable.

Whenever investors lose confidence in other assets and values dive, precious metals become a preferred investment alternative. The one major driver of gold and silver investment is speculation. However, supply and demand, as well determine the price of gold and silver.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Golden Headlines

Goldsmiths struggle in soaring market for precious metals

Demand for jewellery dries up as people become sellers of gold rather than buyers

With its genteel Georgian square and cobbled pavements, Birmingham's 250-year-old jewellery quarter is a world away from the high-octane trading desks of the Square Mile in London.

But investors in the City and elsewhere are playing God with the district's 400 manufacturers and goldsmiths, whose livelihoods are threatened by the unprecedented march of the gold price, which has surged nearly 500% in the last decade and touched a record high of $1,911 (£1,176) this month.
This dramatic rise has not gone unnoticed by the general public, who have been shrewdly digging out their jewellery boxes. The handwritten sign outside one store promises "£12 per gram" for nine-carat gold rings and chains, while nearby windows scream "we buy gold, best prices paid". The people peering in the windows are now as likely to be selling family heirlooms as shopping for them.

Gold Ends Up 2% As Hopes Of Stimulus Remain

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Gold ended 2% higher on demand for a store of value after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave markets no hints that another liquidity injection was imminent.

The chairman said the central bank is ready to provide more support to a weak U.S. economy and the Fed would extend its mid-September meeting to two days to discuss options possible policy options.

"The Committee will continue to assess the economic outlook in light of incoming information and is prepared to employ its tools as appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery in a context of price stability," Bernanke said.

Gold prices whipsawed throughout Bernanke's speech, slumping $20 to graze session lows then recovering to touch a high of $1,800.

But while the chairman gave no indications of more quantitative easing, many market watchers took the September meeting extension as a sign that help was on its way.

"The market is looking for more easing at the September meeting and gold is driven higher by that," said Matt Zeman, head of trading at Kingsview Financial.
Gold for December delivery, the most actively traded contract, settled up $34.10, or 1.9%, at $1,797.30 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract marched even higher after floor trading closed, touching $1,810.60 recently.

Gold Price Plunges 5.6%, Tarnishing Safe-Haven Image

Maybe gold isn’t so safe after all.After months of setting record after record, the price of gold plunged $104, or 5.6 percent, Wednesday to finish at $1,757 per ounce. That was the biggest percentage drop in nearly 3 1/2 years and a blow to investors who thought the metal could go only one way – up.
“Gold was considered a safe haven for years because it wasn’t popular, but now it’s popular,” said Cetin Ciner, a professor of finance at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. “You can’t have a fad and a safe haven at the same time.”

Investors may have been selling on news of new rules in China requiring traders to set aside more collateral when borrowing money to buy gold. After gold settled in the U.S. Wednesday, exchange operator CME Group announced it was raising its collateral requirements, too.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

CBC News-Used gold prices vary in Winnipeg

KMG Gold Recycling. As the price of gold hit a record price of USD$1,770 an ounce, some consumers are considering selling their old or unwanted jewelry.

But a survey of Winnipeg precious metal dealers shows consumers would be wise to shop around as prices paid for used gold vary widely. Michael Gupton of KMG Gold said there is no question high gold prices are prompting people to turn unwanted gold into cash. Gupton said he's even seeing people trying to sell the gold in the their mouths. "There's a lot of gold in people's mouths," said Gupton. "And it's worth a lot of money. Especially right now."

KMG Gold president Michael Gupton
Precious metals dealer Michael Gupton says he is seeing more Winnipeggers wanting to trade gold for cash.(CBC)

Indeed the London fixed price for gold reached an all time high Tuesday of USD$1770 per ounce, higher than the price of platinum.

But Gupton said it pays to conduct some research before unloading gold to the nearest buyer.

"You have to do your homework and find out who is going to pay you the most money for your gold. Don't go to the first guy, don't go to the guy with the flashy ad, who is waving a handfull of dollars promising the sun, moon and the stars."

CBC reporter Mychaylo Prystupa surveyed several local buyers of precious metals and found prices offered for a 10 karat gold ring varied widely ranging from $10 per gram to almost $20 per gram. That means for a typical 10k ring the local price consumers receive can vary anywhere from $50 to $100.
KMG Gold Recycling
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Friday, August 26, 2011

CBC News Confirms KMG Gold Pay Out Rates Highest


A CBC Television survey has confirmed something that astute and knowledgeable gold sellers in Winnipeg have always known. If you want to receive the absolute top dollar for your gold, cut out the middleman and deal directly with the refinery.

On August 9, 2011, a CBC Investigative Reporter surveyed four types of businesses in Winnipeg that offer to buy gold jewellery and purport to pay the highest prices. Included in the survey were a cheque cashing operation, a jewellery store, a pawn shop and a gold refiner (KMG GOLD). Each business was shown the same 10k gold ring and asked how much they would pay for it. The results shown below are eye-opening, to say the least, with the top company (KMG GOLD) paying double what the pawn shop would pay.

KMG GOLD $99.00
Cheque Cashing Operation $65.00
Jewellery Store $60.00
Pawn Shop $50.00

The message is clear. If you want the most money for your gold, deal directly with a refinery and deal exclusively with professionals. Only professionals have the expertise, training and experience to determine the accurate value of precious metals. Non-Professionals always have to leave themselves a “cushion” when they estimate value and that “cushion” they use to protect themselves against making a mistake, means the customer does not get full value for their precious metals.

To be guaranteed of receiving the most money for your precious metals, contact the professionals at KMG GOLD. Proven scientific principals, state-of-the-art technology, professional training, years of diversified experience and their own refinery, combine to generate the highest payout rates in the industry. Year after year, independent third party surveys substantiate KMG GOLD’s number one position.

In today’s red hot market, it’s very much a case of seller beware. Record gold prices have attracted a lot of non-professionals looking to make a quick dollar. Don’t be confused by flashy or misleading advertising and unsubstantiated claims. To get the most money for your precious metals, put your trust in the proven fundamentals of science, technology, training and experience. Put your trust in a company recognized by the Better Business Bureau for its business ethics and integrity. Put your trust in KMG GOLD.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Commodities Markets

The commodity market refers to markets whose primary function is the exchange of raw products. Commodities are traded on regulated exchanges, for which they are bought and sold. Products in commodities markets are bought and sold in standardized contracts. Items traded on the commodities markets include agricultural produce such as soy, wheat, corn etc; precious metals such as palladium, platinum, silver and gold; energy options, etc.

Commodities Trading

Trading in commodities mainly consists of direct physical trading, as well as derivatives. The commodities markets have experienced an upturn in the volume of trading over the last one decade. The increase in trading volume has been largely accredited to the attraction witnessed in recent years amongst investors to commodities as an asset class. Additionally, there has been a proliferation of alternative investment options that have made it easier to access the commodities market.

Various types of trading are undertaken in the commodities markets. They include Spot trading.

In spot trading, the delivery of the underlying commodity is done immediately, or at a later specified time with a minimal lag in the time of delivery due to unforeseen technical hardship. Therefore, in spot trading, the investor undertakes a physical inspection of the underlying commodity. Either the whole commodity is inspected or a sample inspected.

Spot trading is typically done in markets like the wholesale markets. Commodity markets however demand that buyer and seller agree to acceptable standards and trade is undertaken without physical inspection.

Forward contracts

A forward contract involves an agreement between buyer and seller for delivery of the underlying commodity at a pre-arranged future date. The forward contract includes a pre-fixed price that is unchangeable in the future, at the time of commodity delivery. Today’s fixed price is typically referred to as forward price.

Futures contracts

A futures contract can almost be defined as a forward contract. However, the futures contract is transacted through the futures exchange. But like the forward contract, the futures contract is an agreement between buyer and seller to deliver the underlying commodity at a future agreed date and fixed price. Simply put, a futures contract is a “buy now, pay and deliver later” agreement.

Earlier on, futures contract typically traded in food and agricultural products. However, the futures markets have evolved since its earlier founding and are now standardized into futures contracts.

Even though forward contracts are complex by today’s standards, the earlier forward contracts were mainly utilized for rice in 17th century Japan. Modern forward contracts began in the 1840s in Chicago. Because Chicago was centrally located, it rose as a trading center between Midwestern farmers and producers and the consumers in the east on the one hand.

In a nutshell, a futures contract is a standardized contract that involves the buyer and seller agreeing to terms with regard to commodity size, grade, quality and location. However, the traders are free to negotiate the pre-fixed price of the underlying commodity.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a North American business organization made up numerous private business franchises of local BBB organizations. The BBB is made up of member franchises in the United States and Canada. The several local BBBs work through their parent corporation, namely the Council of Better Business Bureau (CBBB).

Membership to BBBs

Membership to the Better Business Bureau is through invitations. The BBB invites businesses for membership through local BBB chapters. Member businesses are however subject to BBB levies. In return for the membership levies, the BBB lets members use its logo, as well as provides mediation services and access to member information to consumers.
BBB for Finding Reputable Companies

The BBB provides a suitable start when looking for reputable companies. Through the information kept by BBB on member companies, consumers can visit the site and check out company reviews. The BBB collects and records information it receives about its various members, whether positive or negative. The corporation undertakes this function through the national and local BBBs.

However, no one really knows what criteria the BBB uses when receiving information on member business from consumers or other businesses. One thing nevertheless is for sure, the BBB’s main business and service to consumers is to collect information on reliable business, point out frauds to consumers and business and offer information on ethical business practice.

In addition, the BBB acts as an intermediary between consumers and businesses in resolving disputes. Regardless, the BBB has in recent years come under criticisms for corruption, with some critics accusing the body of selling positive ratings. A controversial rating factor was largely behind the criticisms.

Rating System and Accreditation

The BBB has historically rated member businesses as “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory.” However, in 2009, the organization changed its rating system to a new one. The new rating system used a school based A-F rating mode. A detailed review of the rating system can be found on the BBB site.

Originally, the BBB had a 17th rating factor that demanded a paid fee for 4 points for Accredited firms. However, due to criticisms, the BBB changed that factor in November last year. The organization came under lots of criticisms, with the media accusing the BBB of utilizing ‘pay to play’ tactics.

Benefits of BBB to Companies

The BBB’s logo is an embodiment of trust, ethics, integrity, truth and honesty. Generally, consumers prefer companies they can trust and rely on. The BBB’s logo helps foster trust between consumers and business.

For gold buyers, BBB membership is crucial. Consumers will typically avoid gold buyers without BBB accreditation. The BBB is a private corporation with no governmental authority over businesses. The word “Bureau” in no way connotes any relation or affiliation with the government.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shipping Insurance for Precious Metals in Canada

Shipping insurance is vital when looking to ship scrap gold, silver, palladium or platinum to the refinery. Refineries pay the most money for items of scrap precious metal such as old earrings, thermocouple wire, wafers, coins, bracelets, rings, silver electrical contacts and silver from photography labs etc.
Several companies offer shipping insurance for precious metals in Canada and the US. For high returns from gold, silver, platinum or palladium, finding genuine shipping insurance is crucial.

Genuine Shipping Insurance

Not all companies that offer shipping insurance in Canada provide coverage for items of precious metal. On the contrary, some shipping firms offer insurance that is not claimable for items of precious metals. For instance, you can buy shipping insurance from companies such asUPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada Post, the US Postal service amongst others.

However, the shipping insurance offered by these firms is not claimable for items of precious metals, gems, jewellery, gold bars, silver bars, coins, wafers etc. But there are Canadian companies that offer genuine shipping insurance claimable for items of precious metals.

Only KMG Gold Recycling offers real, claimable shipping insurance for your gold at one half the costs of the other carriers insurance.

Why chose KMG Gold Recycling?

KMG Gold Recycling pays out an average five times more money than its industry competition. When it comes to jewellery, KMG Gold Recycling is America's trusted authority, providing a tradition of excellence, high quality and unparalleled service.
Last year, KMG Gold Recycling won the 2010 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence demonstrating ethics and integrity in the marketplace.

BBB Torch Award winners build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, remain transparent, honor their promises, and display integrity in all of their marketplace activities.

KMG Gold offers a secure and safe way to sell your unwanted jewellery for the most money in the industry. With the current high price of gold, there's never been a better time to sell. KMG Gold Recycling's expertise and experience ensures your peace of mind. The company offers a competitive payout, quick turnaround and fast payment.

KMG Gold Recycling is North America's newest and most dedicated full service refinery and gold buyer. The company has the most comprehensive recycling services of any refinery and gold buyer. Payments and services are efficient as the company offers excellent communication and customer support. Every single transaction is fully transparent and open.

There are custom settlement options tailored to suit all of your needs, whether you're an individual selling small lots of gold or the large refining lot customers. Currently, KMG has the highest gold buyer pay out rates in North America! All of KMG Gold’s prices for cash lots and refining lots change every day with the market price of precious metals.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Toronto Gold Buyer

KMG gold, is the best Toronto Gold Buyer who provides you the best price for your gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal scrap you might want to sell. You can send your gold via the Toronto gold shipping outlet or you can walk-in to KMG gold office near your place with due appointments if it is within your traveling convenience.

KMG gold offering buying services for Toronto Gold sellers accept refining and cash lots for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, Rhodium in any quantity and in any karat value.

If you want to sell your scrap pieces of precious metals in Toronto, whether it is
• Selling Gold and silver in Toronto
• Selling Platinum in Toronto
• Selling Palladium in Toronto
• Selling Rhodium in Toronto

KMG gold is the best Toronto gold and silver buyer who as well buys other precious metals.

If you are a Toronto resident looking to buy gold in Toronto to invest in gold you should primarily decide whether you want to invest in physical gold or invest in gold products. Similarly if you want to sell gold in Toronto you want to deal with the gold buyer in Toronto offering you the best price. While all this is in mind, you might have specific products of gold you have to sell and it might fit in to the following search keywords for those based in Toronto for local searches accordingly, if you are looking for a local gold buyer:

Since local gold buyers in Toronto also serve to buy your platinum, silver, palladium rhodium and other ingots you might be interested to know.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buying Gold Bullion In Winnipeg

There has been a drastic increase in gold investment in the city of Winnipeg. People often chose to invest the spare cash they have into gold and then liquidate it when prices rise. Like other cities in Canada such as Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Victoria etc, Winnipeg is also becoming the hub of gold trading. Buying Canadian gold bullions can lead to a variety of options for people in regard to investment. As there is no lock period for the purpose of liquidating your investment, you can sell your gold when you want.

People reap certain benefits when they purchase gold:

• It is said to be the safest and most reliable form of investment, because the gold bullion is offered to people by the government. A variety of options are offered by the Canadian Mint for to invest in gold bullion. When you want to buy gold, you have the option of public or private parties. Trading is conducting with the help of spot prices but premium may also be charged. A Winnipeg gold buyer should remember that for gold investment, there are numerous ways. There are different ways to invest in gold so it is not necessary to purchase gold bullion.

• People can make use of the internet to make an online purchase and thus make an investment in gold. In this manner, people can use gold as a means of trading as they will not get their hands on tangible gold but it will instead be available in the form of stock or a commodity. But this is only applicable in situations where gold is bought for investment purposes.

• For people who are newcomers in the market and are making gold investments for the first time, there are literature and magazines which can offer all the necessary information about the gold market and explain its trends which can lead to better decision making. Reading them will be helpful in comprehending the moods and trends of the market and will help people in deciding the correct time for making or selling investments.

To earn top dollar as a buyer, one needs to spend time in educating oneself about the trends of the market and the different trading strategies which are used and will eventually allow you to get higher returns from your investment. If one wants good results, then for starters, small investments should be used and once people have analyzed and understood the market conditions and trends, huge investments can be made. To make a great profit in a short time, people can make large investments once they have gained confidence. The most liquid and highly paying investment is gold. But it requires large investments so one should be cautious. Before investing in private parties, people should get feedback from old clients and research it thoroughly. Before entering the market, one should be aware of the trends and political conditions.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buying Gold Bars- Gaining An Understanding

Is buying gold a hobby for you? Buying gold bars is said to be a very useful means of making gold investments. There are different types of gold bars present in the market. This indicates that gold bars can be found in different variations of distributions and weight such as 1 ounce, 400 ounces, 10 ounces, 1 kilogram, 100 ounces, 50 grams, 100 grams etc. These gold bars are also recognized with some other names such as gold biscuits or gold wafers.

Cost Of Gold Bars

The price of each gold bar can be influenced by the current price of gold in the market. A gold buyer might have to bear some additional charges like taxes along with the price, taking into account the place from where they are purchasing. In addition, a gold bar may be priced differently by each gold dealer. But what should be kept in mind is that the difference in prices might be because of the quality, fineness and purity of the gold in question.

Avenues Of Buying Gold Bars

Along with mints, people are offered the opportunity of making gold investments by some banks as well. All of them are guaranteed and can be relied upon. To buy gold bars, people can also opt for the online method as there are numerous bullion dealers on the internet. For making a purchase, people can also opt for any local dealer if they wish.

Tips For Gold Bar Purchase

Buying gold bars is highly similar to buying physical gold. Here are some tips mentioned below which people can use when purchasing gold bars:

•Having a safe place for storing gold is a must before one chooses to invest in physical gold. When you purchase gold bars, it is essential to have a secure place for storage. If people are not satisfied with the storage space they have, they can also consider the option of safety deposit.

•Moreover, a financial advisor or consultant should also be contacted when people decides to invest in tangible gold like gold bars. Having a sound knowledge is a must because a number of implications like tax reporting, portfolio allocation etc are involved when physical investment in gold is made.

•People should make sure that they get top dollar for their gold as the main aim is to make money for a secure future.

•The main traits of your gold dealer should be reliability, honesty and trustworthiness. Also, one should check the weight of the gold before buying.

•The stamp or hallmark should also be used to check the authenticity of gold as it is traded on an international scale.

Regardless of the fact that you are a buyer in Kamloops, Calgary, Winnipeg or any other city, these tips should be remembered when you choose to invest in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. 
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buying Gold- Knowing All The Workings

Because of the economic turbulence prevailing worldwide, it has become very difficult for people to come across a secure and long term investment option nowadays. Fluctuation of stock exchange, shrinking of retirement accounts and erosion of the value of money are the reasons which contribute to it. Investors are now using gold to enhance their investment portfolio as they have come to accept and believe in its historical importance and value and not thinking of this precious metal as a jewelry making commodity only. By opting to buy gold, people can make money through it later as it can be sold at a higher price.

There are a few steps which one has to follow when choosing to buy gold in order to make a safe investment. Getting all the knowledge about the gold market is the first crucial step which should be taken. A gold buyer should role and historical importance of gold as this will give them knowledge of the potential gold holds as a mode of investment. It should also be understood that the five primary methods of gold investment are certificates, stock in mining companies, metal futures, tangible bars and coins and precious metals mutual funds.

Before deciding on an investment option, research should be done on each option. You can choose one based on your budget or the mode which has the possibility of giving you most money. The ideal choice is gold coins if one has a limited or small budget. This is because they are easy to transport, store as well as hide. They also have historical value. Selecting a dealer is the next step when one has decided to buy gold. It’s difficult to choose one dealer or company as there are numerous who sell gold. No matter which dealer or company they select, the dealer should follow all business ethics.

When people wish to ascertain the value of their gold, they can get assay services at a gold refinery. KMG Gold Recycling is a very suitable choice when you are looking for a refinery which practices honesty. Instead of choosing an online dealer who is virtual, it is better to choose one with whom you can meet face to face. People can select any dealer they want as there are different dealers in every Canadian city such as Calgary, Victoria, Kamloops, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver etc.

By using a local dealer, transportation and shipping costs can be saved. Once the gold has been tested by the refinery, people can finalize their decision. People should invest in what they can afford and thus start with small gold coins. By offering gold assaying services, KMG Gold Recycling helps to ensure that your investment is safe and sound.
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Friday, August 05, 2011

Avoid the Middlemen

Middlemen gold buyers can be a hindrance when looking to sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium for top dollar. Middlemen pay very little money for gold, silver, platinum or palladium, mostly because they are also keen on making profits by selling to reputable refineries. When looking to sell gold, it is absolutely necessary that you avoid middlemen, so you can make top dollar.

Why Choose Refineries?

Middlemen typically seek to buy gold cheaply so they can sell to refineries for the most money. What this connotes is the fact that refineries actually pay far more money than middlemen. A refinery pays six times more money than any middleman can offer. Middlemen will hide behind efficient advertisements and marketing campaigns to get you to sell them gold, but certain factors typically point them out. Middlemen are like fly-by-night gold buyers. There is always a lot of mystery shrouding their operations.

To identify and point out middlemen gold buyers, beware of the following:

Unaccredited firms

Reputable gold refineries will have necessary industry accreditations such as Better Business Bureau (BBB), McAfee, TRUSTe and VeriSign. Accreditations are an indication that a gold buyer is trustworthy, and practices ethics, honesty and integrity in its marketplace activities. However, companies run by middlemen will have no accreditations whatsoever. Avoid such companies when looking to sell gold for top dollar.

Expensive Advertisers

Expensive advertisers could also be indicative of middlemen gold buyers. Middlemen will use every trick in the book to get you to sell them gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Remember, all they seek are profits and they will find innovative ways to buy gold from you. As such, expensive advertisements that promise high rates and services out of this world should be looked at twice and with a keen eye. When a company uses an expensive advert, how do you think they recoup their money? By buying gold cheaply from you and selling to refiners for top dollar. Beware!

Payout Prices

Typically, some companies run by middlemen can be identified by how they advertise their payout prices. Pointers to look out for include companies that advertise their payout prices in the following:

• Price ranges say $7-$14
• Flat or rounded off prices, say $14.55
• Per Pennyweight prices instead of Per Gram prices

The above payout prices can be misleading and ensure you get paid peanuts for your gold. For the price range, you will always get paid the lower value in the range, never the higher. For the flat or rounded off price to the dollar, you never get the change, the gold buyer keeps it. As for the per pennyweight prices, the impression created is that there is more money to make, as opposed to per gram prices. However, you actually make less money. Watch out and beware of middlemen gold buyers.

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Scrap Gold Buyer Online in Edmonton -- Legends of Gold and Midas

Scrap gold buyer online in Edmonton, KMG Gold is famous for buying gold for the best price with honesty in dealing. You can as well sell your gold with outlets of KMG gold located in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Victoria, Kamloops, Canada. The gold buyer is reliable and shipping your gold to KMG is safer than with anyone else.

Gold, the most sought material in the world as well has interesting stories going the rounds. The Midas Touch is the most famous of all the legendary tales about gold that details the kind of greed people had about gold. Midas lived in the period of 800 BC. He was the king of Egypt and he desired to become the most powerful man on the earth. He played host to the friend of God Dionysus, the god was impressed by Midas and offered him a boon. Midas required a gold touch where he insisted that he wanted everything he touched to turn in to gold.

The sooner Midas got the boon he was very happy and dreamt of becoming the most powerful man in the world, because, everything he touched will turn out to be gold. He touched the door and it became gold. He touched the chairs it became gold. He touched the doors it became gold. He touched the cot it became gold. He touched the bed it became gold. He touched the utensils it became gold. He touched the mirror it became gold. He was hungry and he touched the food in hunger and it became gold. He realized something was wrong about his wish. He touched the wine it became gold. His daughter came running to him he touched her she became gold.

Midas felt pathetic and he realized that there are many things in the world that are more essential and needed than just gold. He prayed to Dionysus and he required that he be cleared from the boon. He asked the god to forgive him on his greed. The god told him to wash himself in the Pactolus river, and Midas did so. He brought some water from the Pactolus river sprinkled it on his daughter who turned to be gold; her daughter came back live and smiling at him. He was happy about life back to normal and thanked the lord for the boon.

These days we are so obsessed about selling gold and buying gold. We are concerned about investing in gold, in precious metals and all other stuff. The story of Midas is a moral reminder to state there are as well many things that are as important as gold. You need not invest all your money in gold; rather you can diversify what you can afford towards gold assets.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Advertising Truthfully In The Gold Industry

The advertising field complies thoroughly with three necessary and important rules which are:

• Non deceptive and truthful advertising should be done.
• Proofs should always be possessed by the advertisers for the purpose of backup.
• Moreover, all advertisements should be done fairly.

Because the ornaments appear more attractive and brighter in gold advertisements, it is quite obvious that people are easily drawn to them. It is recommended that people should not use shabby ads and get carried away. Fearless advertisement publishing can be done as long as honesty is maintained by the gold merchant.

It is essential that a gold company is equipped with very solid evidence or strong basis to back up the claim it makes, before the advertisement is published. This means that documental proof is vital for all advertisements made.

Hence, in advertising, a vital role is played by advertising and it is closely connected to truth. For guaranteeing success in any business, advertising is declared to be one of the mightiest tools. The real flavor of success in the business can only be brought through strong advertisements. In order to back the claims which have been made in relation to durability, quality, originality and the guarantee of the gold, evidences should be kept ever ready by the gold merchant. At the time of publicizing the product, these things should be considered.

Customers often ask for evidence in a subtle manner when they visit a gold merchant and make a reference to the ad which captured their interest. The customers will not stick to the merchant for purchasing if the gold merchant does not satisfy the customers by showing them supporting documents. For attracting clients and customers, advertising is the only means. In order to call attention, the ad items and other stuff is portrayed in an attractive manner which is attention grabbing and draws the eye. To make the ad absolutely fair, only the truth has to be presented in it.

A business can proper limitlessly and the prospects of success will spike up with truth and advertising. False advertising on the other hand can kill a business permanently. With truthful and honest projection of the credibility of a gold company, top dollar can be earned. In this manner, all clients, competitors and business associates will stay on their toes. Success will result if all of them become convinced of the integrity of the business and put their trust in them.

As truth is strictly followed in the ads which are published, it is not difficult to make money with KMG Gold Recycling. People can put their blind trust on the gold from KMG as it is pure and authentic. Before buying gold, one should keep in mind all the above mentioned factors.
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