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Monday, December 15, 2014

Honesty and Integrity Pay Big Dividends for Local Gold Buyer: KMG Gold Recycling Win Awards, Again

Press Release (12/12/2014) Winnipeg, MB:

Winnipeg founded precious metal recycling company, KMG Gold Recycling, win two Better Business Bureau Torch Awards, Community Excellence Award and the Green Award.

The only precious metals recycling, or cash for gold, company to do so, KMG Gold Recycling win two more customer nominated BBB awards increasing their number of awards to seven. KMG has won at least one award every year for the last five years in a row.

KMG Gold recycles and refines all precious metals, including; gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, copper pennies, and nickels, with offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA.

Awards this year include the BBB Community Excellence Award recognizing KMG Gold as a company that blend financial success with a strong commitment to positive community impact. Social benefits include business practices that help revitalize neighbourhoods, create opportunities for marginalized groups, or otherwise strengthen and support community economic and social development.

KMG's second award is the BBB Green Award for businesses that blend financial success with a strong commitment to positive environmental outcomes, which go beyond basic office recycling programs to minimize or mitigate pollution, waste, and/or carbon footprint associated with the business products, services, and operations.

Michael Gupton, KMG Gold Recycling president, beams, "We make every effort to educate our customers and the public at large about how the precious metal recycling industry works, so they can make informed decisions. And this year, again, they made the informed correct decision to nominate KMG Gold for more awards!"

KMG Gold was also nominated by its customers for the Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Marketplace Excellence in recognition of their commitment and adherence to BBB Standards for Trust to benefit their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities.

Companies are nominated for the BBB awards by customers and the winners are selected by a panel of independent judges appointed by the BBB. KMG Gold is the only company in the precious metal recycling industry to receive these awards.

"I recall the sense of accomplishment and pride when we first won our 2010 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence on a job well done... being recognized for our hard work and honesty... being rewarded for swimming upstream in the predatory waters of the precious metal recycling industry... Honesty and integrity are good for business! " says Gupton.

For more information on KMG Gold Recycling, visit or call 1.877.468.2220.
Media Enquiries Always Welcome, Contact: Michael Gupton, President, KMG Environmental Incorporated, 1.877.468.2220
Media Kit: Visit or call 1.877.468.2220.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

KMG Gold Recycling(R) Offers The Best Gold Price Guarantee

For Immediate Release November 26, 2014. KMG Gold Recycling(R), The Original Trusted Gold Buyer.

KMG Gold Recycling(R), Canada's Original Trusted, industry leading precious metal recycler, for Transparency, Integrity, Honesty, Ethics and Educating the Consumer, on the precious metal recycling industry. KMG Gold Recycling(R) is the ONLY precious metal recycler ANYWHERE to to receive customer nominated, BBB Torch Awards for these reasons.

KMG Gold Recycling(R) is the only gold buyer to give online and in-store free quotes (offers to purchase) which have been prepared using the only privately owned, FischerScope X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, in the mid west. This extremely valuable state-of-the-art machine determines all of the elements in, and the purity of, all your items with an accuracy greater than one part per thousand.

KMG Gold(R) uses other Fischer Scientific instruments and the 3000 year old, tried, tested and proven acid test to determine the true purity of your precious metal items. KMG Gold never uses electronic gold testers as their accuracy is substandard, questionable, and definitely not up to KMG Gold's leading industry standards for accurate testing results.

The dollar amount in a KMG Gold(R) offer to purchase represents a fair and reasonable pay out percentage of the precious metal market price and is valid for the business day that the quote is prepared.

You need to know this:
Our competitors routinely advertise inflated pay out rates in newspaper ads, TV, radio and online only to deceive the consumer to "get you in the door" only to be paid a lesser amount when you go in or ship your gold to them, or they offer "in-store credit" towards heavily marked up retail items. Some competitors have no skills or technology to determine the purity so they under pay on the karat value and the weight of your gold, all in an attempt to exploit your trust and offer a lower pay out.

As a consumer myself, I believe that these practices are dishonest, unethical and do not serve YOU, the consumer in a free and competitive marketplace.

Be sure to always read the fine print on any offer to purchase and ask questions until you fully understand the process. The process of selling your gold should be open and transparent and you should always be able to see exactly what's going on.

KMG Gold Recycling(R) offers and pays out what we advertise on our web site. We always have and we always will. No surprises. KMG Gold Recycling(R) pays the most of any precious metal recycler, advertised rates of up to 98% of market prices for precious metals.

Therefore, KMG Gold Recycling(R) the nations leading, original trusted precious metal recycling company now offers our  150% Best Gold Price Guarantee.

KMG Gold(R) will match and beat any genuine, written, and x-rayed analysis offer to purchase for scrap gold, silver, platinum, or palladium by 50% of the difference.

If you are offered a pay out higher than ours, online, mail-in, or in-store, or anywhere, bring or send in the written offer to purchase, and we will beat it by 50% of the difference!

KMG Gold (R) Best Gold Price Guarantee Conditions:
  • Offers to purchase are deemed to be genuine if they reflect a percentage of the precious metal market price on the day the offer to purchase is made.
  • If the offer to purchase is higher than the market price for that particular day, the offer to purchase is not genuine but merely a marketing gimmick or lure for in-store retail credit (a marketing trick).
  • Written offers to purchase must be prepared on company stationary, not on a business card, a scrap of paper, or a napkin, and never published online or in print ads.
  • Written offers must be based on x-ray fluorescence testing technology.
  • Purchase purity of all items shall be determined solely by KMG Gold(R). KMG Gold(R) shall not be held accountable for other gold buyers mistakes, lack of skills, or lack of technology.
  • Price match guarantee excludes bullion, loose stones, collector coins, coin sets and items to be purchased as "jewellery" rather than scrap.
  • KMG Gold Recycling(R) reserves the right to refuse to purchase any item(s) at its sole discretion.
  • Appraisals are not offers to purchase. They are merely a piece of paper that only serve the jewelry and insurance industries, not the consumer. For more information on what appraisals really mean to you, the consumer, click here.
I stand behind our KMG Gold Recycling(R) Best Gold Price Guarantee and will always uphold KMG Gold Recycling's business practices of Transparency, Integrity, Honesty, Ethics and Educating the Consumer, on the precious metal recycling industry.

Do business with the best, KMG Gold Recycling, The Original Trusted Gold Buyer(TM)

Michael Gupton, BScEng(Civil), CET, AScT
President, CEO
KMG Gold Recycling(R)

Media contact: Michael Gupton, KMG Gold Recycling(R), 204.452.4653,
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to Expect When You Visit KMG Gold

As you've probably heard by now, at KMG Gold we're known for our awesome customer service. We've been recognized by the BBB as an accredited business and we've even won five BBB Torch Awards for our outstanding customer service and business practices.

But if it's your first time selling your unwanted jewellery or other types of precious metals, you might not know what to expect or feel intimidated by the process. The good news is that we make it our goal to make our customers feel very comfortable and explainKMG Gold xray machine everything we do, step by step. Whether you've recycled with us a hundred times before or if it's your first time ever, we'll walk you through the entire process from the moment you step in the door.

And if you don't want to take our word for it, check out our Facebook reviews and see for yourself! The big theme we're noticing throughout the reviews is how happy our customers are that we explain everything to them, no matter how minor it seems. One of the foundations that we built this business on was customer education and it's still an important part of our mandate.

When you walk through our door, we'll ask if you've ever been here before and then invite you to place what you've brought in on a tray. Then we'll run a magnet over the metals to see if they're magnetic. Gold and silver aren't magnetic so if the magnet picks up the jewellery, it means it's just costume jewellery, which we don't purchase. After this, we'll use a jeweller's loupe to see if the metal has any markings on it, like 10K or 18K or 999. If it's silver, we'll make a notch in the metal and use acid to test if it is genuine. This does hurt the piece of metal or jewellery, but we always get your permission to make sure that it's okay before we do it!

If the item is gold or something other than silver, we might run it through our x-ray machine to get a quick and accurate analysis of the exact metal contents of the item. Putting the item in the x-ray machine doesn't do any damage to it, but we'll be sure to remind you of it just in case you're worried!

So don't be shy, come down to 620 Academy Road and we'll give you a complimentary assessment of whatever you've brought in to us. And if this is really interesting to you, you can even buy your own metal testing supplies at do what we do from inside your home!

Pictured: The KMG Gold xray machine.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Selling Gold in Vancouver

Vancouver has a number of reputable companies that buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium for top dollar. Selling gold in Vancouver can only earn you the most money when dealing directly with a reputable Vancouver refinery. There are certain factors that are handy when looking for reputable scrap gold, silver, platinum or palladium refineries.

Things to watch for:


When selling gold in Vancouver, accreditations are a must have for potential buying companies. The best Vancouver gold buyers must have Better Business Bureau (BBB), McAfee, TRUSTe and VeriSign. The Better Business Bureau additionally offers free information on member companies that can be accessed by consumers.

Do not sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium to Vancouver refineries that lack BBB membership. Beware of gold buyers who don't have a privacy policy or who aren't certified by TRUSTe. They might sell your e-mail address and your personal information.

Shipping Services and Refining Lots

Shipping services and refining lots are crucial when looking to sell gold in Vancouver. The best Vancouver Gold buyers must have shipping services and refining lots in Vancouver. Avoid gold buying companies that claim to have operations in Vancouver but lack shipping services or refining lots in the city. Shipping services enable overnight shipment of scrap gold, silver, platinum or palladium to the refinery for faster processing and payment.
Genuine Shipping Insurance

Along with shipping and refining services, reputable Vancouver refineries must also offer genuine shipping insurance. It is important to point out that not all shipping companies offer genuine shipping insurance. Only the best gold buyers and gold refineries offer real, claimable insurance for your precious metal. 
Companies such as UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada Post, the US Postal service amongst others will all sell you insurance, but it is not claimable for precious metals, gems, jewelery, gold bars, silver bars coins wafers etc.

However, reputable companies such as Canada’s leading Gold buyer and refiner, KMG Gold Recycling, offers genuine, claimable shipping insurance for your gold at one half the cost of the other carriers insurance. 

Honesty, Truth and Integrity

Honesty, truth and integrity are crucial traits in a company when looking to sell a stash of scrap silver, gold, platinum or palladium. Honesty, truth and integrity will be embodied in accreditations and other business practices.

For instance, how a Vancouver gold buyer advertises its business and services can reveal a great deal about them. For instance, Gold buyers that advertise in pennyweight prices, flat or rounded rates and range prices are untruthful.

Untruthful advertising is aimed at enabling shady firms buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium cheaply from you. Most shady or fly-by-night firms are run by middlemen and will typically buy gold for a pittance.

Be sure to find a reputable Vancouver gold buyer for top dollar!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Report: Facebook Users are a Trusting Bunch

KMG Gold. Conventional wisdom alleges that if your company’s target customer is highly engaging, community oriented and relationship-minded, then marketing over Facebook makes sense for your product or service. But why is that?

The answer might be in a just-released report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project that delves into how people’s trust issues, personal relationships and civic and political involvement are affected by their use of social networking sites. That study found that 79 percent of American adults now use the Internet and nearly half of those (47 percent) say they use at least one social networking site.

The most popular social networking site is Facebook, with 92 percent of those who network socially online preferring that site. Following Facebook is MySpace (29 percent), LinkedIn (18 percent) and Twitter with 13 percent.

Most intriguing is the study’s finding that Facebook users are especially trusting, with those who use the site multiple times a day being more than three times as likely to “trust others" than non-Internet users are. Facebook users also maintain closer relationships, averaging nine more “close ties” to people in their network compared to other Internet users. And the report claims Facebook users receive more social support than others.

The study, called Social Networking Sites and Our Lives, contains a gold mine of information for entrepreneurs desiring to measure up their potential social media-using audience to non-users of social utilities. For instance, the survey shows that on any given day, 15 percent of Facebook users are updating their own status while 22 percent are commenting on another’s post or status. Twenty percent of Facebookers comment on other’s photos daily, 26 percent “Like” another user’s content, and 10 percent send private messages to another user.

Not surprising is a finding that those who frequently use Facebook are far more politically engaged than most people. These Facebook users were 43 percent more likely to have said they would vote than most Americans.

The report concludes there is little validity to concerns that those who spend much of their time on social networks are socially isolated, lack community involvement or social support. Instead, social networking site users represent an enormous customer base, and if your customers are prone to online engagement, so too should your business.

On the other hand, if your demographic is more business-minded, singularly focused on finding a solution and moving on, I say chances are you’re not going to “win them over” based on your Facebook-related activity.

In those instances, I recommend that Facebook take a back seat to more traditional sales and marketing activities, such as sales calls, user conferences, publishing and distributing case studies and white papers, participating in trade shows, and conducting direct mail campaigns.
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