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Thursday, January 11, 2018

KMG GOLD RECYCLING 1220 PEMBINA HWY NOW OPEN  Winnipeg January 2, 2018
KMG Gold Recycling opens third Winnipeg location at 1220 Pembina Hwy.

This new head office and recycling facility for KMG Gold Recycling is the newest addition to their recent openings of new retail outlets for buying Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, Gold jewelry, gold crowns, silverware and coins and bullion.

KMG Gold Recycling 1220 Pembina hwy

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Friday, October 09, 2015

Ask The Gold Guy: KMG President Takes Your Calls on 680 CJOB

Join KMG Gold Recycling founder Michael Gupton as he takes your calls live and shares his secrets on how to buy gold on the Tom Milroy Show on 680 CJOB radio live this Saturday at 10:30am listen anywhere at Learn where and how to buy gold and silver, what hallmarks are good, which are bad. What does "karat" and "carat" mean? What does EPNS and sterling mean? Learn how to tell the difference between gold or glamour, and precious or plated.

KMG Gold On 680 CJOB
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Selling Your Gold: Now Tell Me, What's In Your Jewelry Box? This Is The Unwanted Jewelry In Your Jewelry Box. It's The, I Don't Wear It, Saved It For Years, What Do I Do With It? Gold, Silver And Platinum.

Now Tell Me: What's In Your Jewelry Box?

Bring It To KMG Gold, Get A Quote, Accept The Quote, Get Money On The Spot. Not Next Week. Now!

I'm Talking about Walk out the Door, Cheque In Hand, Put It In The Bank, Feeling Richer. Do I Look Like I'm Joking?

Fat Wallet, Walking On Air Kinda Money! This Is KMG Gold. Award Winning Honesty. 620 Academy Road

Now Tell Me... What's In Your Jewelry Box?

KMG Gold Recycling is The ORIGINAL Trusted Gold Buyer(TM): Full service gold, silver, platinum and palladium refinery, and precious metal recycler. Winnipeg MB, Grand Forks ND

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to Expect When You Visit KMG Gold

As you've probably heard by now, at KMG Gold we're known for our awesome customer service. We've been recognized by the BBB as an accredited business and we've even won five BBB Torch Awards for our outstanding customer service and business practices.

But if it's your first time selling your unwanted jewellery or other types of precious metals, you might not know what to expect or feel intimidated by the process. The good news is that we make it our goal to make our customers feel very comfortable and explainKMG Gold xray machine everything we do, step by step. Whether you've recycled with us a hundred times before or if it's your first time ever, we'll walk you through the entire process from the moment you step in the door.

And if you don't want to take our word for it, check out our Facebook reviews and see for yourself! The big theme we're noticing throughout the reviews is how happy our customers are that we explain everything to them, no matter how minor it seems. One of the foundations that we built this business on was customer education and it's still an important part of our mandate.

When you walk through our door, we'll ask if you've ever been here before and then invite you to place what you've brought in on a tray. Then we'll run a magnet over the metals to see if they're magnetic. Gold and silver aren't magnetic so if the magnet picks up the jewellery, it means it's just costume jewellery, which we don't purchase. After this, we'll use a jeweller's loupe to see if the metal has any markings on it, like 10K or 18K or 999. If it's silver, we'll make a notch in the metal and use acid to test if it is genuine. This does hurt the piece of metal or jewellery, but we always get your permission to make sure that it's okay before we do it!

If the item is gold or something other than silver, we might run it through our x-ray machine to get a quick and accurate analysis of the exact metal contents of the item. Putting the item in the x-ray machine doesn't do any damage to it, but we'll be sure to remind you of it just in case you're worried!

So don't be shy, come down to 620 Academy Road and we'll give you a complimentary assessment of whatever you've brought in to us. And if this is really interesting to you, you can even buy your own metal testing supplies at do what we do from inside your home!

Pictured: The KMG Gold xray machine.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KMG Gold Now Sells Local, Hand Crafted Jewellery

If you like shiny things as much as we do, you'll be pleased to find out that KMG Gold is now selling select wholesale jewellery. Available at our Winnipeg storefront on Academy Road or online here, KMG Gold is happy to offer their customers a new product to enjoy.

Most of the items we now sell in the wholesale jewellery category are earrings, although we do offer a few different pendants. The earrings and pendants we sell are made with 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold and are set with a wide range of different gemstones. Some of the gemstones include: citrine, garnet, blue topaz, diamond and many more.

Selling this jewellery allows us to support our local Winnipeg economy, something we're really happy to be able to do. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted and brand new, made by Roger Watson Jewellers right here in Winnipeg. Roger Watson Jewellers is a company that KMG Gold trusts and has collaborated with in the past with excellent results, so we can't recommend them enough!

We invite you to visit us online and check out the big selection of jewellery, complete with pictures and detailed information about each piece. They make for a perfect gift for someone you love, especially if that someone is yourself. You can check out the birthstone chart below for a little inspiration!

You can order online with free shipping on orders over $100, visit us at Academy Road or give us a call and we'll set it aside for you to pick up. As always, if there's something you'd like to see us offer online or in our store, leave us a comment or connect with us on Facebook to let us know!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KMG Gold Sponsors 2nd Annual Attire to Inspire Fashion Show

KMG Gold attends Easter Seals Manitoba Fashion ShowFor the second year in a row, and since its inception, KMG Gold was a proud sponsor of the SMD Foundation and KMG Gold attends Easter Seals Manitoba Fashion ShowEaster Seals Manitoba's second annual Attire to Inspire Fashion Show. This exciting fundraiser raised money for children, youth and adults with disabilities in Manitoba.

We love giving back to a good cause and this year was even better than last year because we were able to make it out to the event this time! Project Specialist Tasha DiLoreto (that's me!) and Office Manager Jodi Micelli both attended and we got to see a runway of beautiful clothing and local celebrities, not to mention the delicious food and wine that we were served.

KMG Gold was named the Inspire Sponsor of the show which was held in a new venue this year because it had expanded so much since last year. It took place at the Qualico Family Centre in the Assiniboine Park and 144 people attended the sold out show. The fashion show featured local clothing from several small boutiques in Winnipeg and all of the celebrities in attendance were also local Winnipeg persoKMG Gold attends Easter Seals Manitoba Fashion Shownalities, like Blue Bombers teammates, local news anchors and local politicians.KMG Gold attends Easter Seals Manitoba Fashion Show

We were so happy to be able to support such a fantastic cause and we can't wait to see the show again next year. Our guess is that it will expand again since it was such a fun evening, which is always appreciated in the cold Winnipeg winter!

In the meantime, we'll continue to support Easter Seals Manitoba in a new way: the Drop Zone Challenge! Come read about our quest to watch our boss Michael Gupton rappel down the side of one of Winnipeg's tallest buildings and help us reach our goal of raising $1,500.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Gold Gossip: Fort Knox

KMG Gold Talks Fort KnoxFort Knox. You've definitely heard about it before but how much about it do you really know? Here's the KMG Gold rundown of one of the world's famous gold depositories that continues to drum up hype and excitement every few years.

For starters, Fort Knox is located adjacent to Fort Knox, Kentucky and is officially called the United States Bullion Depository. It was built in 1936 by the US Treasury Department on military land and cost less than $1 million to construct, about $10 million in today's dollars. The reason why Fort Knox was built so quickly was because of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102 in 1933, an order which forced American citizens to sell all their gold to the government. Between 1933 and 1937, the federal reserve of gold grew from $4 billion to $12 billion! With a huge growth in the amount of government-owned gold, a secure building was needed to store it.

Below the fortress-like structure of Fort Knox lies the gold vault, a room encased in 17,000 square feet of granite and protected by a blast-proof door that weighs 22 tons. It is also made of 4,500 square years of concrete, 775 tons of reinforcing steel and 700 tons of structural steel. In addition these high levels of physical security, Fort Knox is equipped with alarms, video cameras, minefields, barbed razor write, electric fences, closed circuit cameras and heavily armed guards and army units. To access the vault, staff members must dial individual combinations that are known only to them and no visitors are ever allowed in.

The first shipments of gold to Fort Knox began in 1937 and included everything from gold bullion to new gold bars made from old gold coins. The shipments were gradually made and were sent by 500 rail cars and by mail which were protected by the US Postal Inspection Service and US Treasury Department Agents. KMG Gold Gold Buyer Gold Bars

Throughout history, other precious items have been housed in Fort Knox for safekeeping. The Articles of Confederation, Lincoln's Gettysburg address, three volumes of the Gutenberg Bible and Lincoln's second inaugural address have all seen the inside of Fort Knox. During World War II, Fort Knox held the US Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and reserves of European countries and key documents from Western History. The crown of St. Stephen and some of the Hungarian crown jewels were also held there.

It's estimated that Fort Knox holds nearly 3% of the world's mined gold, 147.3 million ounces. The price of a troy ounce of gold in 1934 was about $20 and in 1980 it was between $350-$450. Its current price is more than $1,200.

But gold hasn't been transferred in or out of Fort Knox in many years. The only time gold will leave the vault is to be tested for purity during annually scheduled audits. And some people believe that Fort Knox is actually empty! If Fort Knox is empty, what's in it and where is the real gold reserve? This would raise a lot of very interesting questions and we at KMG Gold would love to know more about it.

If you like conspiracy theories, Fort Knox is one topic that will definitely keep you busy for awhile!

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Operating with integrity earns KMG Gold Recycling more kudos

October 20, 2012.
Winnipeg Free Press

By Dan Proudley

Michael Gupton buys and sells gold, but the most valued commodity he deals in is trust.

The owner ofKMG Gold Recycling is uncompromising in adhering to a high standard of ethics in an industry where uneducated consumers may not always be getting the best value for their precious metals.

As a result, KMG Gold’s sterling reputation for operating in a fair and honest fashion has once again been recognized by the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The Winnipeg-based precious metal recycler has been named a finalist for its third BBB’s Torch Award. KMG Gold has won the award previously in 2011 and 2010. The Torch Awards are handed out annually to companies and organizations that demonstrate ethical conduct, integrity and excellence in the marketplace. This year’s winners were announced Oct. 18.

But to top things off, KMG Gold Recycling is in the running for yet another honor. The company is also a finalist for the BBB 2012 Green Award for environmentally sustainable practices.

Winning the Torch Award means a lot to Gupton. “I think it’s fantastic. We have done our research when we say we are the only precious metal recycler to win one of these (Torch) awards,” says Gupton. ”This is outstanding. I think it’s marvelous to be singled out as the only one in North America who has been nominated by our customers and to have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Our customers are obviously very happy with what we are doing, and that’s exactly what we want.”

For Gupton, a civil engineer and former gold prospector, the strategy he has adopted is certainly yielding results. ”Business is absolutely booming right now,” he says, recalling how one day in late September, people were “literally lined-up out the door.”

When customers walk-in to KMG Gold’s store at 620 Academy Road, their precious metals are weighed and analyzed in front of them by a certified technician, who then clearly explains how the metal is valuated. The entire transaction is transparent.

In some cases the jewelry might be worth more if it’s re-sold rather than melted down for the precious metal content. In instances like this, Gupton will recommend a trustworthy jeweler that he is confident will deal with the customer fairly. “At every step, we try to educate the consumer,” says Gupton. “Trying to be upright and transparent is the way to go. An enlightened and educated consumer is a happy customer.”

The company also has an extensive website, that features constantly updated prices for precious metal and other related information.

While soaring gold prices have spurred business, there is another factor for the shining success of KMG Gold – Gupton claims he offers the best payout prices available. “Our rate for individuals is amongst the highest in the industry,” he says. Retail customers receive 73-90% of the market value price. Dealers and people with larger amounts receive 90-95% of market value.

“Bring in more gold, get more money,” notes Gupton. “Repeat customers and employee affiliate programs (such as Manitoba Hydro) get a VIP 4% bonus.” He says other gold buyers only pay out between 15%-to-55% of the market value.

KMG Gold can offer higher payouts because it operates its own refinery. Scrap precious metal is melted down and the content of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are determined. These ingots are then sold to primary refiners such as the Royal Canadian Mint or Johnson Matthey.

By reusing material already mined, the environmental impact of new mines is greatly reduced, says Gupton. “We are actively helping the environment by recycling all this stuff.”

Gupton founded KMG Gold as an internet company in 2007. He and his wife, Karen, ran the business out of their dining room for three years. In their first year, gross sales totaled an impressive $100,000. As the business grew at a phenomenal pace, Gupton opened a retail store on Osborne Street in 2010. That location quickly became too small, so the store moved to 620 Academy Road. Today, KMG Gold sources as much precious metals through its retail outlets, as it does from its internet shipments from all across North America.

In addition to the Winnipeg retail store, KMG Gold has several shipping outlets in British Columbia, Alberta, and California as well as KMG Gold Trusted Gold Buyers in Steinbach and Toronto. KMG Gold Recycling has also just opened its first retail location in the U.S.A., in Grand Forks North Dakota.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

KMG Gold Recycling Burns the Competition, Introduces Gold Melting Service in Winnipeg

KMG Gold Recycling has opened Winnipeg's first and only gold and silver Melt and Assay Service. This latest step strengthens the company's leadership position in the precious metal recycling industry.

Winnipeg MB (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

KMG Gold Recycling introduces Winnipeg’s’ first gold and silver melt and assay service.

With a state-of-the-art induction melter and X-ray fluorescence analysis machine on-site, KMG Gold has the ability to melt and assay all gold and silver scrap at 620 Academy Rd in Winnipeg. The accuracy and reliability of this equipment is unsurpassed in the industry.

The melt and assay process maximizes customer returns by allowing KMG Gold to purchase precious metal based on the exact weight and purity. The melt and assay process removes speculation about the true purity and weight of recycled precious metal.

“Now that we’ve removed the speculation on final purity and weight, our payout rates increase dramatically.” Says Michael Gupton, president of KMG Environmental Inc. which operates as KMG Gold Recycling® in Winnipeg MB and Grand Forks ND.

Clients for melt and assay services include people with larger amounts of scrap gold and silver, gold buyers, jewellers, pawn shops, coin and precious metal dealers. The benefit to clients is a more precise and timely analysis of the material they wish to recycle and a higher payout rate for their precious metal.

KMG Gold Recycling buys, recycles, and refines all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Gupton started KMG Gold as an internet gold buyer in 2007 at, and opened their first location in Winnipeg in 2010 and has now expanded into the USA with a location in Grand Forks ND.

The industry leader for consumer education in the gold recycling industry combined with innovative precious metal recycling solutions for the general public and industry, has helped KMG Gold see 6100% growth since they stared in 2007.

KMG Gold Recycling is the only precious metal recycler to win BBB Torch Awards for Honesty, Ethics, and Integrity, in 2010 and 2011 and has just been nominated for an unprecedented third 2012 Torch Award and a Better Business Bureau Green Award.

For more information on KMG Gold Recycling and its various consumer driven programs, please visit, or call 204-452-4653, or toll free at 1-877-468-2220.

Media Contact: Michael Gupton, BSc Eng (Civil) CET AScT, President, KMG Environmental Inc., 204-452-4653

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Press Release-KMG Gold Recycling Grows 300% in 2011, Moves to Larger Facility in Winnipeg

KMG Gold Recycling sees almost 300% growth in 2011 and has outgrown their old digs. KMG moves to larger retail outlet and processing facility in Winnipeg.

KMG’s new facility will allow the company to offer a broader range of products and services and to increase staffing, all intended to better serve KMG Gold’s rapidly expanding retail, commercial and professional client base.

KMG Gold Recycling buys, recycles, and refines all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. KMG started as an internet gold buyer in 2007 on, and opened their first retail location in Winnipeg in 2010 and has now moved to a larger facility.

KMG Gold is the only precious metal recycler to win BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, Integrity and Marketplace Excellence, two years in a row.

This is the second expansion KMG Gold has undertaken in the last twelve months and reflects the explosive growth the company has seen since entering the precious metals marketplace in 2007.

Michael Gupton, Co-Founder and President of KMG Environmental Inc., the parent company of KMG Gold, attributes their phenomenal business success to many of the same factors that have resulted in the company winning multiple BBB Torch Awards. “Exceptional customer service combined with consumer education has helped KMG grow quite rapidly,” says Gupton.

BBB Torch Awards recognize businesses that build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, remain transparent in their business dealings, honour their promises and display integrity in all of their marketplace activities.

As a secondary precious metal refinery, KMG Gold is able to pay the highest prices to individuals and companies wanting to recycle and refine their gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals.

The new location at 620 Academy Road (at the foot of the St. James Bridge) in Winnipeg, is readily accessible from all quadrants of the city and provides ample street and off-street parking for the convenience of customers and is wheelchair accessible.

The larger office also lets KMG Gold increase its community service component by accepting more donations of scrap gold for the Canadian Cancer Society and more donations of costume jewellery and silver plated items for Canadian Goodwill Industries.

Future plans for the new facility include state-of-the-art induction melting furnaces and X-ray fluorescence technology for determining purity on-site.

For more information on KMG Gold, please visit, or call us at 204-452-4653, or toll free at 1-877-468-2220.

Media Contact: Michael Gupton, BSc Eng (Civil) CTE AScT, President, KMG Environmental Inc., 204-452-4653
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mainland China's private demand to Buy Gold just keeps trending higher...

Mainland China's private demand to Buy Gold just keeps trending higher...

"IN THE competition for growing Chinese disposable incomes, gold is very quickly losing market share," said a London-based analyst in 2004...

China is now 10 years into opening up its gold market – half as long as India. But since nabbing the No.2 spot in terms of private demand in 2005, it's only grown hungrier for gold bullion, despite becoming the world's No.1 mining-producer nation, too.

How much hungrier? Courtesy of the data-fest buried in today's new Gold Demand Trends from our friends at the World Gold Council...

  • Just like in 6 of the previous 7 years, Chinese New Year 2011 marked a new quarterly record for private gold demand in mainland China;
  • In each of the last 3 years, the third if not third-and-then-fourth quarters went onto set new all-time highs again;
  • On the new stats, the Chinese New Year saw private mainland demand to Buy Gold equal 0.71% of GDP in the first quarter. That still lags India's huge 2.65% allocation for 2010 as a whole, but compares with 0.47% in Q1 2010;
  • In grams per capita, both Indian and mainland Chinese Q1 demand were equal to fully one-half of 2009 demand;
  • As our chart shows, an increasing volume of China's increasing savings is being devoted to gold. Yes, the Q1 figure over-states it, because the Chinese New Year marks very heavy demand. But it's plain that substitution for other, more "sophisticated" savings mechanisms hasn't just failed to grow; it's gone into reverse.

That's the first rush from BullionVault's reading anyway. Whether you're long, short or indifferent, it's worth reading the WGC's new report for yourself. Because anyone looking to defend their purchasing power long-term cannot ignore the way emerging Asia is storing an ever bigger chunk of its fast-growing savings.
Buying Gold today for your long-term savings? Get the safest metal at the lowest prices using world No.1 online, KMG Gold...

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