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Saturday, December 13, 2014

KMG Gold Review: Happy Campers Followup

KMG Gold Recycling Customer Review: Sat Dec. 6 2014
Dear Michael,
My partner and i would like to thank you for all you have done for us. Could you share this experience with your customers & other people who might not... We were offered $800.00 for a blob of Black, Coppery Gold. We were explained by Vancouver Gold that," what you have here has more metal than Gold in it. I wanted to take the $800.00. Also.. we would most likely have to pay a processing fee. We never learned how much that was. My partner said to me" Jimmy lets just see what else is out there. Honey I say's that's 800. in our X-Mas. Well she found your website. We e-mailed you. And i'm sure glad we did. You said, " send the sample to at our address...We'll let you know what you got. Vancouver Gold....was right. It was half crap. But the price was sure off eh? Like $4,000 off. Enough to go to HAWAII FOR X-MAS. YEAH. Thank you Michael. Thank you for being Honest, Helpful and it didn't cost any kind of a Fee. If you can use our testimony...Please do Michael. Please let people know... 
That was an ugly must admit. Once again....Thank you Michael. It's a good feeling knowing people are still honest.
Sincerely, M&J

KMG: We melted their "blob" and found that it was 48.5% pure gold. We paid them over $4800 for it...
That's what we do every day!
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