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Saturday, December 13, 2014

KMG Gold Review: Happy Campers Followup

KMG Gold Recycling Customer Review: Sat Dec. 6 2014
Dear Michael,
My partner and i would like to thank you for all you have done for us. Could you share this experience with your customers & other people who might not... We were offered $800.00 for a blob of Black, Coppery Gold. We were explained by Vancouver Gold that," what you have here has more metal than Gold in it. I wanted to take the $800.00. Also.. we would most likely have to pay a processing fee. We never learned how much that was. My partner said to me" Jimmy lets just see what else is out there. Honey I say's that's 800. in our X-Mas. Well she found your website. We e-mailed you. And i'm sure glad we did. You said, " send the sample to at our address...We'll let you know what you got. Vancouver Gold....was right. It was half crap. But the price was sure off eh? Like $4,000 off. Enough to go to HAWAII FOR X-MAS. YEAH. Thank you Michael. Thank you for being Honest, Helpful and it didn't cost any kind of a Fee. If you can use our testimony...Please do Michael. Please let people know... 
That was an ugly must admit. Once again....Thank you Michael. It's a good feeling knowing people are still honest.
Sincerely, M&J

KMG: We melted their "blob" and found that it was 48.5% pure gold. We paid them over $4800 for it...
That's what we do every day!
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Thursday, December 04, 2014

KMG Gold Reviews - One Happy Camper

KMG Gold Recycling Customer review. 
We received this comment from a customer today. I think he was rather happy...

JP: "Dear Michael, Wow is all I can say. Michael is there any way this could be some kind of a mix up? I'm asking cause $800.00 is a lot different than $4,000. You got the old girl crying cause X-mas wasn't looking so great. Are you sure Michael? We can't afford to pay such a large sum back if there's a mistake. Please, please be certain. And if this is all above board and true.
We would be more than Happy to accept. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Michael why would they tell us 800.00 when they probably knew all along? Plus he wanted us to pay for the refinement too. Wow I'm really saddened by people sometimes. Thank you again Michael. I feel so good knowing the world still has good honest people living in it. God Bless my Friend and Merry X-mas. James"

KMG: "James, I am very pleased that you are happy with our results. There is no mix up. Your blob was melted and contained 48.5% gold. The rest was copper and other stuff. Please email us with your AIR MILES(R) Collector number, if you have one, because you will earn 243 AIR MILES(R) reward miles. We try very hard to be transparent, ethical, honest, and act with integrity. If you are happy with us, it would be great if you could write a review about us on Google... Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, or anywhere else you feel would be good to tell people about who we are and what we do. Thank you for your support and your cheque is on its way! Merry Christmas. Mike"

In this case, "they" were a Vancouver Gold buyer competitor.

Visit today and see if we can make your Christmas as happy as James'
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