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Monday, February 23, 2015

Silver Price Undervalued: Panties and Underwear Say So Current #silver prices confound me. They're too low...
The market price of #silver, #gold, and all precious metals, I thought, was always based on supply and demand. However, someone may have their thumb on the prices of #silver...
The levels of silver, a natural, consistent, and complete biocide, are rising in the oceans. Why? Because, for example, manufacturers of underwear put microscopic amounts or silver in the manufacture of panties, socks, and underwear etc. They contain microscopic amounts of silver, used as a biocide to kill the bacteria that cause unsavoury human odours.
That's right, there's silver in your drawers!
Numerous studies have shown that levels of silver in the Atlantic have increased ten fold higher than they used to be. Perhaps caused by the presence of silver used as a biocide, or odour killer in your socks, underwear and panties.
My confusion is based on the premise of supply and demand. If the supply of silver remains constant, and demand goes through the roof... Why is the price of silver still so low?
My underwear demands answers. Heck, my socks wanna know too! Why is the current market price of silver so low?
Silver discoveries have not glutted the market, but demand for odour eating socks and panties have!
Im still confused...
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