Fire Assay Analysis

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Fire Assay Gold and Silver Purity Analysis at KMG Gold Recycling

Fire assaying is the industry standard in the jewelry industry when determining the gold and silver content in pin samples from mixed karat scrap jewellery refining lots as well as pure gold and silver alloys and bullion.

The fire assay or cupellation procedure is an age-old practice and is most widely accepted as the industry standard. Fire assaying is the quantitative determination in which precious metals are separated from impurities by a fusion processes and weighed to determine the amount of gold or silver present in the original sample.

Fire assay is the most accurate precious metal assay accurate between 1 part per 1000 and 1 part per 10,000. We recommend the fire assay because it is the most accurate and the best way to determine the amount and purity of gold and silver present in a sample.

Platinum group metals purities may also be determined by fire assay but are most accurate when Inductively Coupled Plasma or I.C.P anaylsis is used.

The final purity determination of all KMG Gold refining lots are by fire assay cupellation.

All fire assays are performed at an accredited and certified third party laboratory with a seldom used but effective dispute mechanism in place.

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ASTM E1335 - 08, Standard Test Methods for Determination of Gold in Bullion by Fire Assay Cupellation Analysis