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06/08/2023 1:30 PM     Current Market Spot Prices:     Gold:  $1,963.97/ozt   Silver:  $24.28/ozt   Platinum:  $1,030.92/ozt   Palladium:  $1,393.42/ozt  
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How Much is 12k Karat 500 Fine Gold Jewelry Worth

What is the Gold price today for 12k Karat 50% Pure Gold Jewellery?

Sell unwanted Gold jewelry, Gold coins for cash, pure gold or pure silver.

Live buy prices are what we pay right now, for unwanted Gold jewellery, scrap jewelry, Gold watches, rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings, chains, coins, bars and rounds at KMG Gold Recycling®.

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Sell 12k 50% Gold Jewelery Gold Price Today Pure Gold * Pure Silver *
12k Karat 500 Fine Gold Jewelry

How Much is 12k Karat 500 Fine Gold Jewelry - KMG Gold

Product Code: G12
$23.87 / gram 0.33 grams
Pure Gold
0.74 troy ounces
Pure Silver

* 1 Gram of 12k Karat 500 Fine Gold Jewelry can be refined and exchanged for Pure 9999 Fine Gold Casting Grain or Pure 9999 Fine Silver Casting Grain. On the Spot, For Free, No Fees.

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