KMG Gold Recycling® Gold Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

Selling Unwanted Gold Depends on THREE Things.

1. Purity. How much gold is in it?

2. Weight. How much does it weigh?

3. Market Price. What is the price of gold?

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Q: How much money will I get?

Once your shipment arrives at our processing facility; we clean, test and weigh all of your items. We then prepare an offer to purchase your items based on the market price the day we receive your items. KMG Gold Recycling® Gold Buyer has the highest cash lot pay out rates in North America. The analysis and offer to purchase are FREE!

KMG Gold Recycling® Gold Buyer pay out rates are:

  • Over 5 times higher than!
  • 4 times higher than
  • 4 times higher than CJ Environmental
  • 3 times higher than

Q: How do I sell gold, silver or platinum?

Ship Your Scrap Gold and Scrap Silver Items Registered To The KMG Gold Refinery:

1220 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg MB
R3T 2A8, Canada

Q: How do I find an honest gold buyer?

BEWARE of gold buyers that do not offer refining lots or refining services. They are probably middlemen buying your gold for less, then selling it to a refinery. They might already be selling to US!

BEWARE of gold buyers that DO NOT advertise their pay out rates - they are trying to hide something!

BEWARE of gold buyers that advertise their prices in pennyweights [dwt]. A pennyweight is 1.555 grams.

BEWARE of gold buyers whose advertised rates are for amounts over 30 troy ounces [ozt]!

BEWARE of gold buyers that have a pay out price "range". If they say their range is "$7-$14" per gram, they will only pay you the lower rate.

BEWARE of gold buyers whose prices don't change day to day. They probably pay out a very poor rate.

BEWARE of gold buyers that have flat rates or prices rounded off to the dollar! They're putting the change in their pocket, not yours!

We proudly advertise our pay out rates for our customers, so they can shop and compare.
See all of our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium pay out rates HERE.

Q: I don't feel comfortable shipping my gold!

Jewelers, bullion dealers, mints, dentists, refineries, and gold mines ship their gold across this continent every single day using regular insured shipping carriers. It is quite common and safe.

You can sell gold by dropping off your securely packaged items at our drop-off locations in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Edmonton.

Q: What is a KMG Gold Recycling® Gold Buyer Account, and how does it work?

Our offer to purchase is based on the pure metal content of your items. The offer states how much PURE METAL there is, and how much money we will pay out for it using the metal price and dollar exchange when we received your items. But what happens if precious metals prices went down on the day we received your items? The amount of pure metal is placed in your KMG Gold Recycling® Gold Buyer account immediately upon acceptance. You can sell any or all of your metal whenever you want at the price you want! Immediately, tomorrow, the next day, next week, next year! You can sell whenever the price of precious metal goes up, and the Canadian dollar goes down! Your KMG Gold Recycling® account is like a savings account with deposits of pure gold, silver and platinum in it! You can make deposits and withdraw and it's completely free!

Q: Who tests my gold and how do I know they're qualified?

Every item is professionally tested by a Registered and Certified; Engineering Technologist (CET), Applied Science Technologist (AScT), or Certified Technician (C.Tech). We use X-ray fluorescence, accurate to 2-5 parts per thousand (0.2%), Aqua Regia acid testing, and Schwerter's solution testing, both accurate to 15-20 parts per thousand (1.5%). Refining lots are fire assayed independently, accurate to 2-3 parts per ten thousand (0.02%)

Q: Will my shipment be safe?

All of the shipping methods mentioned above come with insurance included in their price. If you wish, you may purchase additional insurance.

Q: How much is my gold worth?

Use our SecureShip Label Request form HERE to send us information of your items and we will give you an estimate of their value for free. You may also phone us toll free at 1-877-468-2220.

Q: Is KMG Gold Recycling® Gold Buyer just like all the other gold buyers out there?

KMG Gold Recycling® is a family run business that wants your repeat business. Every single offer to purchase is based on the true fair precious metals market value of your items. All of our rates are published for you to look at and compare. We are not like the other .com internet sites out there. Our cash pay out rates are amongst the highest in Canada and our refining lot rates are above the Canadian standard.

Q: When will I get my money?

If you are happy with our offer to purchase we will mail you a cheque the same day. We offer bank wires, bank drafts, money orders, regular mail and overnight express.

Q: What happens if I don't accept your offer?

Once again, we have the highest cash lot pay out rates in Canada, but, if you don't like our offer, your items will be shipped back to you. Or if the gold price is low, you can put your pure gold in your account and sell it whenever you wish. Putting gold in your account is FREE!

Q: Why should I sell my gold to KMG Gold Recycling®?

When it comes to jewelry, KMG Gold Recycling is Canada's trusted authority, providing a tradition of excellence, high quality and unparalleled service.

KMG Gold Recycling won Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Marketplace Excellence demonstrating ethics and integrity in the marketplace. BBB Torch Award winners build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, remain transparent, honor their promises, and display integrity in all of their marketplace activities.

  • We offer a secure and safe way to sell your unwanted jewelry for the most money in the industry
  • With the current high price of gold, there's never been a better time to sell. But who provides the best offer? Who can you trust? KMG Gold Recycling's expertise and experience ensures your peace of mind
  • We offer a competitive payout, quick turnaround and fast payment
  • KMG Gold Recycling is Canada's newest and most dedicated full service refinery and gold buyer.
  • 100% Canadian family owned and operated. We don't have the huge advertising budget that the other guys do.
  • We offer the most comprehensive recycling services of any refinery and gold buyer.
  • We offer excellent communication and customer support. Every single transaction is fully transparent and open.
  • We offer custom settlement options tailored to suit all of your needs, whether you're an individual selling small lots of gold or our largest refining lot customers.
  • We have the highest gold buyer pay out rates in North America!
  • All of our sell gold prices for cash lots and refining lots change everyday with the market price of precious metals and the Canadian dollar..
  • We proudly advertise our high gold buyer pay out rates for our customers, so you can shop and compare. Do your homework and research, and you will find the highest rates here!
  • See all of our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium pay out rates HERE.

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