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Live Spot Prices:     Gold:  $1,846.10/ozt   Silver:  $21.91/ozt   Platinum:  $947.11/ozt   Palladium:  $2,052.03/ozt  
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Whats In Your Jewellery Box?

Gold Price Today - What We Pay For Gold & Silver

How much is your gold worth?

Refine your gold and silver for the best return and get paid in US or Canadian dollars.

We buy anything gold, silver, platinum, dental gold and palladium. If your items are not listed here please visit our store today!

US Dollars Gold market price: $1,846.10 USD / ozt. Prices shown in US Dollars.

Sell Gold Jewelry Pay Out Rates Up To:
10 Karat Gold $24.38 / gram

$758.28 / ounce
14 Karat Gold $34.08 / gram

$1,060.13 / ounce
18 Karat Gold $43.85 / gram

$1,363.81 / ounce
22 Karat Gold $53.61 / gram

$1,667.48 / ounce

US Dollars Silver market price: $21.91 USD / ozt. Prices shown in US Dollars.

Sell 925 Sterling Silver Pay Out Rates Up To:
Sterling Silver $0.61 / gram

$18.95 / ounce

Prices listed reflect the pay out rates for refining lots based on this moments live market price and the purities listed. They are examples of what your refining lot pay out rate could be. All settlement prices are based on final purity and market price at time of filled sell order. Minimum quantites required at the prices listed. The minimum quantities are not quantities you are required to have in order to sell to us, they are simply quantities required to obtain the prices listed.

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US Dollars Prices shown in US Dollars