KMG Gold Recycling, is a BBB Accredited Gold Buyer in Winnipeg MB
KMG Gold Recycling USA KMG Gold Recycling Canada

KMG Gold Recycling® Buys, Recycles, and Refines Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium & Diamonds

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KMG Gold Recycling® Buys Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

• We buy anything Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium
• Gold Party Gold from Gold Parties
• Scrap Old Gold Jewellery
• Gold Bullion, Gold Bars, Gold Coins
• Canadian and US Silver Coins, Junk Silver

• Dental Gold, Gold Crowns, Gold Bridges
• Estate Jewelry, Estate Gold
• Gold and Platinum Watches
• Maple Leaf Coins
• American Eagle Coins
• Gold Krugerrands
• Gold Sovereigns

• Scrap Old Silver Jewelry
• Silver Bars, Silver Rounds
• Photographic Silver Flake
• Gold and Silver Doré Bars
• Gold Nuggets, Gold Dust, and Placer Gold
• Gold Bench sweeps, filings, and grindings

• Platinum Labware
• Silver Electrical Contacts
• Platinum Crucibles
• Platinum Thermocouple Wire
• Platinum Maple Leaf Coins
• Palladium Maple Leaf Coins
• Gold Silver and Platinum Watches
• American Double Eagle Coins

KMG Gold cannot process, or accept for processing, the following:
Gold, silver and rhodium plating solutions
Cyanide solutions
Solutions or metals containing mercury
Dental amalgam